Monday, February 9, 2009

fish and deli - fries and steam

this is from yesterday, and it's been somewhat overshadowed by today's events, but let me not forget to give my first mini restaurant review to the magnificently named "Fish and Deli - Fries and Steam" located at 90-71 sutphin blvd. in jamaica, queens.

say you're heading from long beach to brooklyn on the LIRR. or maybe you're going from hunters point ave. to amagansett. and you find your train of choice has a transfer in jamaica. you may start to feel sad. but do not despair, commuter!

when it comes to restaurants, you can usually judge a book by its cover. while amazing food places might have ho-hum exteriors, excellent signage very rarely fronts a mediocre eating establishment. (similarly, i usually select wines based on the label, though i've been told, and am starting to believe, this doesn't work so well.) in this case, the crimson awning offering four disparate categories of tempting treats was visible from inside the station, and drew me outside.

i can only speak to the fish. if you go for whiting, you get three pieces. there's also red snapper, flounder, and my choice, bluefish, which was two pieces for $3.50. fried in front of you, friend, and slapped on top of white bread (or wheat, if you insist). you add the hot sauce yourself, and then she wraps it. she's asian, the guy in the more deli-ish (and probably equally delish) front section is more judeo-hipster. out on the street they're mainly black, and you're golden, as you head back to your platform with a delicious and bargain lunch.


  1. I purposely go to Hunters Point Ave to avoid the transfer... But I may need to make a dedicated trip sometime. This will be also good when taking the Air Train. But with my luck, I will ask for the three piece order and only get two pieces and Cara will get three.

  2. I thought this blog wasn't supposed to be about food. Next thing you'll start stepping on my politico toes!

  3. Don't hate, Uri! This is my favorite blog in the whole world. I'm in love with it and am going to tell my blog to pretty itself up so that she can marry this blog.

  4. I was totally trying to find my name somewhere in this blog. Leave it to Maryam!