Sunday, May 31, 2009

one year ago

may 31, 2008; the last time i saw r. behind the natural history museum, we had a conversation she probably expected was final (dawning on dej: "it's not a good sign that you were with me thursday night, and now it's saturday and you're thinking about someone else..." r, with scrunched-up little wry cute face: "no, it's not.") but was just the beginning of a long playout for me. i wouldn't let her leave me in the subway (perhaps remembering d. in '01), so we kissed goodbye (but not like that makes it sound) at north 7th. i bought the inaugural disappointmental pack of newports, walked down bedford past the jewish babies hanging out in window boxes, and made it as far as flushing ave. before catching the bus to see m. and then that started. (and now it's over too.)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

final friendster profile

    * Male, 31, Single

    * Interested In: Dating Women, Relationship with Women, Friends, Activity Partners

    * Member Since: Apr 2003

    * Location: Brookline Village, MA

    * Hometown: Brookline, MA

    * College: Yale University

    * Company: one warehouse, one museum, one town camp, two chemistry labs, one map library, one high school with no walls and frogs in the halls, one census bureau, two family farms, one parks department, and four hours of test prep tutoring training

   * Schools (Other):
      mandy donovan's playgroup, cambridge montessori school, runkle school, brookline high school, branford college of yale college of yale university, university of pennsylvania

    * College/University:
      Yale University, Attended 1994 - 1998, Class of 1998, Bachelor's Degree, Linguistics

    * Occupation:
      Trained Linguist

    * Affiliations:
      american dialect society, aaa, banana republic card

    * Hobbies and Interests:
      red sox, cats, scrabble, geography, side dishes, the early 70's, evolution, roadfood, radio-indie-pop (except they never update it), trader joe's finer wines (i've moved on from charles shaw), friendster itself, neon, state quarters, american elms, howard stern, louisiana, elevated trains, mileposts & boundary markers, coca-cola in moderation (original or slurpee), c2 (when it was all the rage), diet cherry vanilla dr. pepper, diet coke w/ splenda, the banjo, my adidas, knob creek, low back vowels, gatorade, instant and text messaging, historic architecture

    * Favorite Books:
      ulysses, lolita, l.o.t.r., cultural geography of the u.s., in cold blood, canterbury tales, how buildings learn, moby dick, all the king's men, portrait of a lady, dune, the power broker, savage love (advice column), language log (blog), romance philology (journal), honey and junk (poems), bob dylan chronicles vol. 1 (memoir)

    * Favorite Movies:
      back to the future, adaptation, boys don't cry, the godfather, star wars, lost in translation, citizen kane, rushmore, north by northwest, jules et jim, last tango in paris, coal miner's daughter, a few good men, the lion king, no direction home

    * Favorite Music:
      the beatles, bob dylan, van morrison, liz phair, new pornographers, hanson, r.e.m., dirt bike annie, ramones, weezer, the band, toots and the maytals, fleetwood mac, magnetic fields, bruce springsteen, elvis presley & costello, hank & lucinda williams, beach boys, abba, jonathan richman, britney spears, sublime, they might be giants, big star, otis redding, american top 40 (kasem/seacrest), the shins, arcade fire, avril lavigne, the part of a song where the verse goes into the chorus, and whatever amazing playlist taco del mar on california ave. is using

    * Favorite TV Shows:
      not six feet under! deadwood, sopranos, seinfeld, queer duck, teletubbies, my so-called life, x-files, sabrina, american idol, saturday night live (in theory), cbs evening news (with dan rather), south park, scrubs, 24, that 70's show, the simple life, the simpsons, country video channels

    * About Me:
      i want all that stupid old shit, like letters and sodas.

    * Who I Want to Meet:
      a good girl, loves her mama, loves jesus [but doesn't believe in him], and america too, crazy about elvis, loves horses, and her boyfriend too [but doesn't have one].