Monday, March 29, 2010

we're no good?

We fought about what time to wake up,
how to be in bed, and how to get out of it,
would've fought about the weather, if there'd been some.
You were the one who needed no makeup,
who needed me too, till he got you out of it,
about whom they said, "you lose some and you win some."
What if we never lost, though, if we learned
our lessons but they left no scars, if harm
left hearts intact, and no tact in our charm?
You'd be the one, who [non-restrictive RC].
If you'd be Lizzie, I'd be Mr. Darcy:
our pride reciprocated, love returned.
So if I pipe up here, or pop up in your town,
let's not put up a fight, nor the pipe down.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

turn the other cheek

If asses weren't kicked, but were given more ass
And the shilling were given less billing
If we heard our fave Beatle when fetal, or Mass,
Then mass kissing would ass-kick mass killing

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

nauk nauk

Results could come after discussion
Publication before peer review
If science like Internet, me more like Russian
Only postdoc, but P.I. of you!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

on leaving waffle house

"there's a lot more i could say. ask me questions if you want."

you covered all my questions with one answer,
except... you love the word-dance, not the dancer?
i'm sure i smothered you, sure, we could scatter,
but i can top and take you; what's the matter?
all the way in, i'm bawling at your back:
re-verse!* or cap it - let this hash brown black.

*your service can be slow, your verses shy, or sly, or slack,
'cause when i ordered you, i wasn't hungry for a snack.

astral weeks

Saint Valentine's came fast this year
And for you, this boy too
The echoes of a past affair
Turned foreshocks by the new
Hard truths that make my ego trip
Soft lips that push me kinder
Beauties that memory outstrip
Keep stripping for reminder
And I'll keep being that sweet guy
Who held on tight, who felt it
Who laid you down and kissed your eye
As February melted
Even the strongest hands let go for spring
A man is coming slow, for you, sweet thing