Monday, March 29, 2010

we're no good?

We fought about what time to wake up,
how to be in bed, and how to get out of it,
would've fought about the weather, if there'd been some.
You were the one who needed no makeup,
who needed me too, till he got you out of it,
about whom they said, "you lose some and you win some."
What if we never lost, though, if we learned
our lessons but they left no scars, if harm
left hearts intact, and no tact in our charm?
You'd be the one, who [non-restrictive RC].
If you'd be Lizzie, I'd be Mr. Darcy:
our pride reciprocated, love returned.
So if I pipe up here, or pop up in your town,
let's not put up a fight, nor the pipe down.

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