Sunday, January 18, 2009

some definitive

this isn't going to be about eating or not eating. it's not going to be about politics or comedy or necessarily be comedy, though hopefully it will sometimes.

i was no good at livejournal and i've had the same diary since august 2005, which should tell you how often i write in it. so if this gets going, it will definitely be "for me". but i hope you like it too.

i've been in england just over a year, and it hasn't been bad. today someone said she thought i hated the place. not true! i do wish i was leaving sooner than in a week, but that's just because i'm bored. i finished packing boxes today, even though the movers aren't coming until thursday.

tonight i seriously considered a second viewing of "definitely maybe", but it was making me too emotional so i settled for the first five minutes, which i hadn't seen last night. found out we don't get the channel showing "elvis: aloha from hawaii". after ten minutes of "diner" (and only one believable baltimore accent) i turned off the telly and thought of doing this.

friday is my leaving dinner and pub crawl but so far only seven people (including me) have accepted the facebook invitation! it's a good core group of seven, don't get me wrong! but a large posse would be fun. nanna says most people are not on facebook on the weekend. hmm. those people must have a different relationship to facebook...

i'm moving to new york for a job i'm pretty excited about. beyond that, or through that, i'm hoping to eventually [just took call from eccentric aunt; her cats ate a lot during the cold snap; she also had strong opinions on checked baggage and tax withholding and tai chi and family history] get to a place where i can think of new plans and schemes (in the american sense).

last year was exciting - i traveled to england and scotland and holland and germany and israel and jordan and norway - and productive, but also disappointing in a few big ways. now i'm taking some steps back - dan even said "well, you're starting over" - with the hope of moving forward in a better direction soon.

or as the lesbians say, closer to fine.


  1. I love this blog. I laughed and cried at the same time. I hope you keep doing it even though I talk to you in too many different ways as it is...

    1. i know we don't talk anymore... to say the least. i'm so sorry.

  2. EZ, thanks for the link. I will read your blog as regularly as possible, and as often as my fiancee will allow. She lets me use the computer for 10 minutes a day.

    I understand from the post that you got that job in NYC. Well done.

    You are a beautiful, beautiful man.